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2nd Oct 2018

Christ Church


Julia Burton-Jones will be visiting to speak on dementia and Anna Chaplaincy.

You might be thinking, what is Anna Chaplaincy? Anna Chaplaincy is an ecumenical, community-based chaplaincy to older people. It is named after the faithful older woman, Anna, who appears with Simeon in Luke’s Gospel. Anna Chaplains can be lay or ordained. They work in care homes, private homes, churches and community settings with people of strong, little or not faith, and are appointed by their local church. There is a rapidly growing network of Anna Chaplains and Anna Friends across the UK.

The Diocesan Synod in March  approved the following Bromley Deanery synod motion:

This Synod recognises and recommends the important work of ‘Anna Chaplaincy’ and ‘The Gift of Years’*; and calls upon General Synod:
(a) to recognise and recommend the important work of “Anna Chaplaincy” and “The Gift of Years”
(b) to request all Dioceses to raise the profile of work with those diagnosed with dementia and their carers; and
(c) To ask HM Government to report on progress on the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia 2020, and what steps are being taken to join up health and social care to ensure seamless transitions for people with dementia.

* ‘Anna Chaplaincy’ to the elderly, especially those with Dementia, named after Anna in Luke 2:36-38;
‘The Gift of Years’ Bible Reading Fellowship’s publications for the elderly and those with Dementia.

The link below is to an update provided to the Synod on the Anna Chaplaincy work  in our diocese.

Anna Chaplaincy